The Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ CLASS™

What is it?

The Classroom Assessment Scoring SystemTM (CLASSTM) is a high-level, research-based observation tool developed by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. 

How is it used?

The CLASSTM tool provides educators with the feedback and support that allows them to improve their interactions with students, leading to greater academic achievement and social development that boost student learning.

How is it organized?

The CLASS™ tool is designed to measure effective interactions within three broad domains that characterize children’s classroom experiences:

  • Emotional support: positive relationships among teacher and students;
  • Classroom organization: well-managed classrooms that provide students with frequent, engaging learning activities; and
  • Instructional support: interactions that teach students to think, provide ongoing feedback and support, and facilitate language development.

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CLASS and Hawai‘i P-3

The Hawai‘i P-3 initiative has led the effort to look more closely at improving the quality of teacher-student interactions in the classroom through implementing the CLASS assessment tool in the five demonstration projects. This common focus across demonstration projects can be translated into a coherent system that trains and supports teachers to effectively interact with students in ways that produce positive gains for our children.  Although the timing, structure and implementation of the CLASS tool varies across the five demonstration projects, Hawai‘i P-3 efforts around this statistically validated tool have gained the attention of the field across the state as a reliable means to inform professional development, and provide targeted and sustained feedback to programs and teachers, with the overall goal of improving outcomes for children in PreK to third grade classrooms.

Since Spring 2009, Hawai‘i P-3 has supported the following CLASS-related training and coaching activities through the five demonstration projects:

  • Introduction to CLASS: face-to-face Pre-K and K-3
  • CLASS Observation Trainings for Toddler, Pre-K and K-3
  • CLASS Train-the-Trainer for Pre-K and K-3
  • Looking at CLASSrooms: online for K-3
  • MyTeachingPartner: face-to-face & online for both Coach Support and Teachstone Coaching Program