6 Effective Strategies

The rational behind a well ranking website on search engines has to do with many factors ranging from obvious to most obscure and complex search engine marketing strategies. Although SEO has become a conventional way of promoting product pages, many small businesses are yet to benefit from many benefits SEO presents to them. This could partly be because of a poor choice of their SEO strategies and partly as a result of failure to observe the key underlying factors. A good example is how long your domain is going to stay before it expires. The trick is Google considers sites or domains that are registered for a longer time. While this is not a major factor, it goes without saying that Google algorithms take into account those little things that many businesses ignore. Here are some of the strategies your SEO plan should focus on in 2017 for improved page ranking.

1# Market Your Content

Content marketing is among the most crucial SEO strategies that will prove extremely successful in 2017. If you are thinking of adopting this strategy, then you need to consider hiring a content writer with vast experience in creating high-quality content that will create value for your business. But this does not mean that your marketing ends with good content—you need to go further and market your content on some of the authoritative sites such as WiseLike, Reddit, and Quora among other destinations that receive a lot of traffic on the web. Content marketing is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a strategy that will rock your site to appear on the first pages of top search engines, provided that you do it the right way. One way of achieving the best results is through building relevant content that is keyword-rich. You will need to establish leading sites such as LinkedIn where to market your content for you to get the links on your primary domain.

2# Improve the Speed of Your Page

A slow page is the worst thing any Internet reader can ever like. The page speed will influence the user’s ability to stay on your site or not. Fast-loading sites return good user experience and will cause improved traffic on your site while slow-loading pages will make users run away to competitor sites. Google Page Speed, Varyy Page Speed, and GTMetrix tools are some of the well-known strategies of turning around the load time of your site. If you are not a tech-savvy, you might want to retain the services of a web developer to help optimize the load speed of your site.

3# Do not Forget Mobile and AMP

With the growing number of people using mobile devices to access the internet, Google has made it possible to push mobile-friendly interfaces to mobile users. Today, the number of mobile searches exceeds desktop searches. This is why Google has re-engineered itself to provide the best mobile service to users. As a business, you need to build a site that is mobile-friendly to tap into the rich clientele. Optimizing your site for mobile devices with the help of the AMP Pages will be of great help to you.

4# Let Videos Do their Bit

Let’s mention that this is not just a strategy that will work for 2017 and go. Every SEO strategy needs the irresistible power of video marketing if it has to remain relevant to the market. The popularity of video content and platforms takes your website to greater levels. You can begin by creating useful tutorials as well as other meaningful videos. However, you need to ensure that you adopt the best ways of delivering your video content to everyone who has Smartphone, iPhone, and other hand-held devices. Ensure to describe your video using rich keywords. However, to do not stuff the keyword regardless of how well you think it will rank on major sites. You can make use of title tags by combining keywords with video in a more natural way.

5# Quality Content

Google relies on various pillars in determining whether to users should trust your website. New internet users are always wary when it comes to Internet content and business as well. However, you can turn a good number of newcomers towards your site by building great content. Great content is a powerful tool that can make Google link you organically to users. However, the level of trust will improve steadily depending on the time you have been around and the quality of the content you bring on board. Therefore, building yourself into an authority as a newcomer is not an easy job, especially because Google’s SERPs do not notice you. However, your visibility can be strengthened if you post high-end content capable of winning the attention of giant search engines. Until you start doing all your best, you will have an uphill task of leveraging the advantages of SEO
The year 2016 saw a lot of updates on Google Algorithms that sought to configure local search results. While some of these updates were less significant, a majority of the updates changed the way Google ranks local content. The result of this change meant that some businesses saw increased ranking while others had a low visibility and subsequently low ranking.

6# Authoritative Links

When it comes to organic search results, linking has remained the leading factor. The ability of a site to have high domain authority links means increased backlink profile. For better results ensure that the referring domains deal with relevant content or products to what you deal in. Remember it does not matter a number of links that come to your site, but whether the links are authoritative and of high quality.

No matter the SEO strategy you choose, ensure to get the help of a Miami SEO expert at http://miamiseobitch.com to help align the strategy to your business goals. This will go a long way in leveraging the strategies to boost visibility, increase organic traffic and in turn create profits.