6 Reasons You Need It

Search engine optimization is something all websites in St. Louis and elsewhere should use. If you own a business and/or a website, then you’ll want to implement SEO into your marketing strategy. Let’s discuss six reasons why you need SEO.

What Is Search Engine Optimization
Before you discuss the top reasons you need search engine optimization, let’s quickly tell you what it actually is. SEO describes methods, techniques, and processes used to boost a website’s visibility in the search results for specific keywords and phrases. Most websites owners optimize their sites for Google’s search results because it’s the most widely used search engine in the world. However, there’s a good chance that other search engines will take notice of your site after you have optimized it.

Six Reasons You Need SEO
The six reasons you need SEO are:

1. It Works- SEO works, at least it does when it is implemented properly. Regardless of what you’ve been told or think, SEO is not dead. In fact, it has evolved, but when it’s done the right way, you will receive consistent traffic. Imagine if your website lands on the first page or two of Google’s search results for a high or medium competitive keyword? The amount of traffic you can get is insane, especially if you rank for multiple popular keywords related to your business.

2. Increase Sales- When more people go to your website, the more people will see your services and products. This is because your products/services are getting in front of more eyeballs and you’re receiving warm leads. For example, if your website sells sporting equipment and someone finds your website in Google after typing in “football helmets in St. Louis,” then this means they are a warm lead and will likely buy a football helmet from your website. Warm leads are the best types of leads to get.

3. Get More Foot Traffic- If you run a business in St. Louis, then you need to do more than what you’re doing now, in regards to advertising. Local SEO is a term that refers to methods used to attract search engine users in St. Louis or those looking for your type of business/products/services in St. Louis. By using local SEO, you can increase visitors to your website, as well as to your actual place of business.

4. Grow Your Business- You need SEO because it will help you grow your business unlike any other form of marketing and advertising. Whether you do business solely in St. Louis, the surrounding area, nationwide or worldwide, growth is always the main goal of a business. SEO will take your business to new heights, and quickly.

5. Brand Awareness- Another reason you need search engine optimization is that it creates brand awareness and credibility. You want prospective customers to trust your business right away and you want as many people to be aware of your brand or think of you first when they need a product or service you offer. Search engine optimization can make this possible, but it is very important to get it right the first time around.

6. Stronger Online Presence- The chances are you only have a website and that’s it. However, you can increase your online presence by creating videos, social media accounts on multiple platforms, use article marketing and blog marketing to name a few. SEO can aid in all of those things and before you know it, you can go from having a weak social media and online presence to a very strong one. In today’s day and age, it’s crucial to have a strong presence on the internet. If you want to experience the power of having one, then you need SEO.

Those are the top six reasons you need SEO. There are many other reasons, but those are the top. When it comes to implementing an SEO strategy, you can either do it on your own or hire a professional. They know what the latest SEO strategies are and they will create a customized strategy for your business.

Who To Hire
There are many SEO agencies out there, but they are not all created equal. If you are interested in St Louis SEO – Kotton Grammer is an agency that can help. They have the experience and skills to help you get the most out of SEO.