It wasn’t that long ago that mobile sites started revolutionizing the online landscape. In recent times, however, video has steadily taken over the title of being the web’s messiah of some sort. The medium already accounts for more than 60% of all internet traffic, and this figure is expected to grow to 80% in less than 2 years. Like everyone else on the internet, businesses have been forced to adapt and, as a result, video is now the content marketing medium of choice.

But why is this happening, one may ask? Well, video has taken over the internet for a number of reasons, but its effectiveness easily comes out as the most significant. See, it’s easier for people to satisfy their informational needs by watching a simple clip than it is to read the same content. A picture might be worth 1000 words, but a video is worth a thousand times as much. As such, video is undoubtedly one of the best tools for any SEO exercise, and for some good reasons too:

  • Video has the ability to attract more attention, which makes it highly crucial in the current era of content-overload for consumers.
  • Works excellently for optimization: Unlike text-based content, video has an inbuilt feedback loop that could be used to track relevant metrics right down to a personal level.
  • Better email Click-through rates: Including videos in marketing messages can easily double the click-through rates.
  • Nothing beats video when it comes to evoking emotions online
  • More conversions: Research shows that video works better in convincing individuals to take action.
  • Better technology: The rising consumption of video has triggered the advent of better production technologies.

Offer Tangible Value to Your Audience

For your videos to rank well for your search keywords, you have to provide value to your target audience. This means you must understand what they want to see in your videos. Taking the time to understand their needs will help you come up with content that provides tangible value to them. You can get to know your targets better by:

  • Starting conversations on social media
  • Sending surveys to your clients
  • Taking a look at the frequently asked questions in your inbox

Once you’ve identified a few topics, coming up with great content will be much easier. The only hurdle you may face is in ensuring the video aligns with the goals of your brand. As a rule of thumb, try to think of the emotions your video will trigger among your audience — this is the best way to create content with the potential to become massively popular.

Insert a Transcript

You’ve probably come across videos that have captions accompanying the clip somewhere on the internet. Pairing text with video makes it easy for people to view the clip subtly without having to worry about disturbing others. The text that pairs with the video is known as a transcript, and it makes the clip more accessible to a larger audience. Using transcripts also makes the videos visible to search bots, thanks to the additional text on the page.

Title and Describe Your Videos Properly

Titles and meta descriptions play a crucial role in ranking blogs. This is also the case for videos — using the right titles and descriptions makes it easy for searchers to find them. So do some research to see what keywords you should use and, from there, come up with phrases that are both clickable and interesting as well.

Optimize the Rest of The Page for SEO Nashville

Before search engines can start ranking you higher, you have to ensure the rest of your page is properly optimized, besides being relevant to the video. This means that whenever you use a video on your website, you must put effort into improving all elements of the landing page that affect search engine ranking. Although this is easier said than done, creating excellent content and working on other technical SEO components on a continual basis will gradually see you rise up the ranks.

Online video presents a huge opportunity for advertisers. Whether your goal is to enhance brand value, boost conversions or widen your reach, video has the potential to transform your marketing beyond your wildest dreams. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your video strategy now, and remember to implement a tracking system to capture the effectiveness of your new tool.